We are half way thru the event! Donations coming in can’t be tied to games as we have our schedule set. But please keep them coming.

Stream – http://twitch.tv/videogamesshow

The VGS crew is going on a 24 hour gaming blitz to raise money for the kids! Starting April 13 @ 9AM till April 14 @ 9AM, Rich, Kraft, Station Manager Keith, Bongo, Big Josh, and maybe some special guest will be playing games as requested by YOU the listener. Now…you can be cruel…or down right awesome with your request. Try to keep them on the older consoles, usually something with an emulator. Submit a donation of $5 and comment in the box on our donation page who you want to play what. $5 gets your 30 mins. $10 gets you 3 of us! Suggest a tourney or if 3 can play the game at once, would be great! Time slots will fill up below. We will do our best to broadcast this event! Details are subject to change. If we cannot find the game you suggest, we will work with you before the start of the event to find a replacement game. Make sure you add your name to the Child’s Play donation comment box or emails us your name! We want to thank everyone!

All of this will lead up to April 14th, the 10 Year Anniversary show of the world famous Video Games Show!

You may need to disable Adblocker to see the Donation graphic OR CLICK HERE to be taken to the donations page. Any issues, contact Big Josh @ the VGS Mailbox…if you are truely a listener, you know the address. (SPAM reasons is why I am not listing it here).

If you are unable to see the timeslot spreadsheet, CLICK HERE!